Terms and Conditions



Once a booking has been made with Marbella.Properties, the guests will receive a booking contract with instructions for balance payments and any other details necessary.  Guests must provide via email to Marbella.Properties copies of passports or national identity cards for all guests aged 16 and over.  Any guests that have not sent copies of their identification prior to arrival shall be refused access to the property.



The dates of your arrival and departure are shown in the rental agreement.



Check in is at 15:00 and check out is at 10:00.  For arrivals and departures outside of these times additional fees will apply.  Please contact Marbella.Properties for availability and cost.  Guests should always be packed and prepared to depart at check out time. Being unprepared to depart the property at the appointed time may result in deductions from the damage deposit.



On departure, guests are responsible for leaving the property in good order for the next incoming guests. Guests shall lock all doors and windows and activate the alarm, and make sure the air conditioning and lights are switched off.



All rubbish is to be put in sealed rubbish bags and placed in the nearby bins provided by the community. The location of the bins is indicated in the welcome book at the property.  Rubbish not disposed of correctly will result in charges to guests.  We ask that rubbish be removed from the property at least daily as this is a hot climate and rubbish can cause unwanted pests and smells.



A final cleaning charge may be included in the price of the rental, or as an extra charge. The guest is obliged to leave the property tidy and in good order. The final cleaning does not include removing rubbish from or around the property, washing dishes or other extra work after guests have departed. Should extra work/cleaning be required in the opinion of Marbella.Properties, a minimum charge of €50 will be deducted from the damage deposit. After departure the property will be inspected; if the property is found to be damaged, Marbella.Properties retains the right to charge the guest for damages up to two weeks after their departure.



Pets are prohibited from both inside and in the grounds of the property unless agreed in writing beforehand. Guests found to have unapproved pets will be asked to leave immediately without refund, and any damages or extra cleaning will be deducted from their damage deposit.



Smoking is not permitted in any of our properties.  If smoking in the outside areas please use the ashtrays provided and be aware of fire risks.  Guests found smoking in properties will be asked to leave immediately without refund, and may be charged for any extra cleaning or damage.



Where the property has the use of a swimming pool, guests are responsible for safe conduct in the swimming pool area. Children should not be in the pool area without adult supervision, and the supervising adult must be dressed appropriately for swimming. In the case of communal swimming pools the opening hours and rules must be respected, as must other users of the communal pool areas.

Only the plastic glasses and plates supplied should be used around the pool area to avoid glass getting into the pool and causing injuries. Please note that the pool will need to be drained and refilled should broken glass or crockery enter the water. Guests responsible for broken glass or crockery in the water will be charged for the associated costs.  Marbella.Properties is not liable for any accidents that may occur in private or communal swimming pools and surrounding areas.



For your own enjoyment and that of others, please respect noise regulations and keep noise levels down between the hours of 22:00 and 09:00.



The maximum occupancy stated in the rental agreement is to be observed at all times. Maximum occupancy is defined as the maximum number of persons to be at the property at any given time.  Guests misrepresenting themselves or exceeding occupancy limits will be grounds for immediate removal from the property without refund. Infants aged 2 or younger do not count toward the maximum occupancy.



Any form of subletting is prohibited in all properties under any circumstances.  Anyone found in breach of this rule shall be asked to leave immediately without refund.




Marbella.Properties will make every effort to repair or replace broken appliances as soon as possible.  Please understand that especially in the holiday season it can take time for a service contractor to arrive.  Guests found to have damaged appliances will be held liable for the repair or replacement.  Refunds will not be issued for non-functioning appliances.



Guests are obliged to treat the property with respect and leave the accommodation in good order on departure.  Guests are responsible for any damages, excepting normal wear and tear to the property and furnishings, occurring during the rental period.  Guests are required to inform Marbella.Properties of any damages during their stay. Any damages will be deducted from the guests damage deposit, and in the case that cost of damages exceeds the damage deposit, the guest will be responsible to pay the additional amount within a period of 14 days.



Lost keys will be charged at a minimum of €200 per property, as to maintain security it is our policy to change locks where keys cannot be accounted for.



Guests found to have breached these terms and conditions may be asked to leave the property immediately without refund.



Guests are responsible for their own travel and health insurance. Neither Marbella.Properties nor the property owner can be held responsible in any way for any accidental injury, death or damage or loss to the persons or personal effects of guests. If due to circumstances beyond our control (force majeure),  for example flood, fire, hurricane, disease or other damage, we are not able to honor this agreement, the damage deposit and advanced payments shall be refunded.  Guests are responsible for any damages to the property during the rental agreement, excluding normal wear and tear or force majeure, and including those which exceed the damage deposit amount.



All prices are quoted in Euros. Upon booking a fee of 20% of the total rental amount is to be paid and received by Marbella.Properties in order to confirm the booking. The balance of 80% must be paid no later than 8 weeks before arrival.  In case the guest rents the property less than 8 weeks in advance of arrival the full rental amount must be paid on booking.  Payment is to be made by bank transfer or credit card. If guest chooses to pay by credit card a fee of 1,5% applies within the EU. A fee of 2,9% applies for all credit cards outside of the EU.  No keys will be provided to guests until the full rental amount (rental, damage deposit, cleaning fee) has been paid to Marbella.Properties.



The damage deposit is to ensure compliance with these terms and conditions. The damage deposit is held until the condition and contents of the property on departure have been ascertained.  Damage deposits will normally be returned to the guest within 7 days of departure by bank transfer. Charges are assessed to cover any damages, extra cleaning and unnecessary service calls. Please report any problems or damages discovered in the rental property upon check-in.  Unreported problems and /or damages may be assumed to have occurred during occupancy and guests may be held responsible.



Guests may make payments via bank transfer or credit card. The amount due is the net amount, thus any bank or credit cards fees are charged to the guest.



All cancellations must be made in writing via email and confirmed.  Cancellations made more than 8 weeks before arrival will receive a full refund or alternative dates.  Cancellations made within 8 weeks prior to arrival shall forfeit the rental amount.



Should a guest encounter any damaged or non-functioning items, a representative of Marbella.Properties should be informed as soon as practicable.  Marbella.Properties will respond to any complaints as quickly as we are able.  In the event that damages cannot be resolved, Marbella.Properties reserves the right to move the guests to another property of similar price and standard.  Our properties are equipped with various domestic appliances, which are provided at no extra charge and are subject to normal wear and tear.  Guests cannot make claims for any disruption or damage caused by a malfunctioning appliance.  This also applies to the property’s water, waste and electrical installations. In the event of any problems with regard to the above, the guest should inform Marbella.Properties as soon as practicable so that appropriate action can be taken.



While Marbella.Properties makes every effort to ensure the information on their marketing is accurate and up to date. Property owners or Marbella.Properties cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions, or changes to furnishing or decoration.



Marbella.Properties is not the owner of the rented properties, but markets and manages the properties on behalf of the owners and represents the interests of the owners during the rental period. If a rental cannot be completed due to reasons outside of the control of Marbella.Properties, Marbella.Properties is entitled to cancel the rental and refund any monies paid. If suitable Marbella.Properties may in such an event offer an alternative property to the guest of a similar standard and at a similar price. The guest may whether or not to accept this alternative.



These terms and conditions are subject to current Spanish law.



Damage deposit – a deposit paid by the guests prior to arrival, and returned to the guests subject to these terms and conditions after departure


Rental amount – the amount paid by the guests for the stated period of holiday rental


Full rental amount – the rental amount plus the damage deposit and any extra cleaning and service fees applicable


Guest/s – those accredited to occupy the property for the stated period of holiday rental


Agency – Marbella.Properties and their representatives, acting on behalf of the owners


Owner/s – persons holding legal title to the property


Property/ies – The property or properties rented for holiday purposes